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LONGIA FITNESS, the Fitness Studio - Ultimate Fitness Destination

longia fitness

With an eye on innovation and expertise on Fitness & Wellness had made us to start Longia Fitness, the fitness Studio, a complete fitness & wellness Gym in Dunlop. We know the difference between cheap fads and time-proven techniques. We have learnt the best ways to get your hearts pounding and your adrenaline pumping and now make sure we share our vast experience with all members to propagate fitness. Longia Fitness has all the equipment all our members need to perform their best. Everyone at Longia Fitness is passionate about fitness. We love to work out. And we love to share our passion and knowledge of fitness with our members.

At Longia Fitness our number one focus is to help our members achieve their fitness and health goals while making it as simple and fun as possible. Our objective is to create an energetic, motivating and inspiring environment for all of our members. We offer ‘no pressure’ memberships that permit members to stop and start whenever they want and can access the gym whenever it suits them best. Our priority is not only to help our member reach their full potential, but to teach them how to maintain and make progression on their results.


longia fitness

Longia Fitness strives to maintain a long-term relationship with all our clients, members & other stakeholders and are committed to help all meet their current and future fitness requirements.

Longia Fitness has always been member-centric. Members service has always been the nucleus for us, since we strongly believe that the central rule of any business is – no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit from the deal. As a result, our team of fitness experts effectively designed and developed various fitness programmes & courses after careful research and study of the members’ requirements and psyche, with a view to making it as efficient and friendly as possible. Our team constantly strives towards bringing about our members' satisfaction and we take great pleasure in stating that our members were, are and will always be our priority. It’s our promise to all!

Longia Fitness


longia Fitness
Longia Fitness

Longia Fitness, the Fitness Studio is renowned to provide an impeccable support to all our members from our overly qualified team of fitness professionals, unparallel in Kolkata. With experience of working at various fitness arenas across different platforms, they are well equipped to design and develop fitness programmes & trainings as per the needs and requirement of our members.

All our members have the access to the best & certified coaches, instructors, yoga teachers & personal trainers who are experts in exercise physiology, anatomy, training pragramme development, exercise application & fitness assessments. Whatever be the goal or experience level of our members are, our wide range of fitness classes and offerings under the supervision & guidance of personal trainers can help them reach their goals no matter of their age or fitness level.