With an eye on innovation and expertise on Fitness & Wellness had made us to start Longia Fitness, the fitness Studio, a complete fitness & wellness Gym in Dunlop. We know the difference between cheap fads and time-proven techniques. We have learnt the best ways to get your hearts pounding and your adrenaline pumping and now make sure we share our vast experience with all members to propagate fitness. Longia Fitness has all the equipment all our members need to perform their best. Everyone at Longia Fitness is passionate about fitness. We love to work out. And we love to share our passion and knowledge of fitness with our members.

LONGIA FITNESS got everything right for you

Longia Fitness was initially filled with basic gym equipment but today has grown into a global standard fitness Studio with all cutting edge of fitness equipment & facilities. Longia Fitness aims to give its members the very best, from modern equipment and amenities, to a clean and welcoming atmosphere with expert staff.

Longia Fitness offers superior strength equipment, tons of cardio, group classes such as spin, yoga, kickboxing & boot camp, personal training and nutritional counseling, saunas and many more. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a pro athlete, Longia Fitness is the ultimate fitness & wellness destination for you.



Longia Fitness offers the best of the trainers in Kolkata. As a member of Longia Fitness, the Fitness Studio, you can have the access to the best & certified coaches, instructors, yoga teachers & personal trainers who are experts in exercise physiology, anatomy, training pragramme development, exercise application & fitness assessments. Thus, as a member, you have the access to motivating and knowledgeable experts dedicated to your success in your journey of health & fitness. You will be joined by a supportive community of members who share your aspirations & objective of a healthy lifestyle. Whatever your goal or experience level, our wide range of fitness classes and offerings under the supervision & guidance of personal trainers can help you reach your goals no matter your age or fitness level.

●  Dedicated Personal Trainers
●  Personalized & Tailor Made Health Plan
●  Complete Support & Motivation
●  Latest Technology & Methodology
●  Health & Nutrition Counselling


Bhavna Sharma

"Longia Fitness@Dunlop has changed my life. I can honestly say joining this amazing fitness studio was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. I was never one to enjoy working out in the past, literally I hated it. Over these past months of attending their Yoga Classes, had completely changed my outlook on exercise. The best part of my day is going to workout at Longia Fitness. The atmosphere is fun & the trainers are knowledgeable and fit the workouts according to our needs.”

Banvir Singh

“I have had amazing success with Longia Fitness, the Fitness Studio, and couldn’t recommend it more! The instructors helped me refine my approach to workouts, nutrition and overall motivation. The result has been some weight loss and a significant tightening of my whole body, to the point that I think it’s the best it has ever been. They have given me a sense of accomplishment by pushing me to do my best. They are the full package - knowledge, fun & positive energy. I highly recommend this gym to everyone."

Rekha Agarwal

“I really appreciate the fitness programmes of Longia Fitness because it doesn't focus on simple appearance or a weight loss goal, or getting a polished body. I work out to become stronger, more flexible and agile, and to relieve stress and feel good, so I really appreciate the focus of Longia Fitness on wellness and the emphasis on feeling great in my body!”

Rahul Shaw

"I've been going to Longia Fitness since they’ve opened. I've always struggled in the past with finding workouts that I've enjoyed doing. At Longia Fitness not only do I thoroughly enjoy every single workout I've ever done here, but the fun and positive approach to workouts makes everything go by so quickly. The personal workouts are targeted toward things that I've wanted to improve on for years. I was so clumsy before, but I feel like even my balance has improved. Since I joined Longia Fitness, not only have I started to feel and look physically stronger, but my self-image has improved because of all the positivity I inculcate at Longia Fitness."

Kaushik Roy

"Longia Fitness isn't just a gym where you just pick weights up and put them down. Longia Fitness, the Fitness Studio efficiently develops usable strength throughout your entire life so you can reach your wellness goals and also be better prepared for life's physical challenges. But most importantly workouts are more play than work and have obtainable goals with measurable progress. Highly recommended!"